Thursday, 1 December 2016


LimeClick may be a PPC advertising network centered on commercialism and shopping for worldwide traffic via XML feeds on PPC/CPC basis.

 LimeClick claims to be the simplest alternative for your traffic. it's many advertisers that stay able to purchase your traffic. LimeClick uses bidding system and thence delivers you the very best rates for your traffic. Moreover, they're perpetually acting on the enlargement of the advertising base in order that they'll convert all of your traffic with the simplest rates.

LimeClick offers time period and clear stats, so, there’s no ought to sit up for any specific time to ascertain your earnings growing. Also, there’s nothing like Chargebacks ! They ne'er cut back your revenue next day or next week. Whatever, you've got attained are going to be paid to you on time. Their stats news system counts every and each click to confirm you may get the most exploit their network.

For Advertisers, On LimeClick advertisers will notice every kind of traffic for all Geo-locations. Their system serves regarding 250 million searches each day and this figure is growing ceaselessly.

Sign Up And Approval:

Sign up method on LimeClick is simple. To register AN account on LimeClick, you're needed to refill a straightforward registration type and submit it. when submitting your application you'll be able to instantly log in to your account wherever you may get the XML feeds links to legitimatize your traffic.

Ad Formats:

LimeClick offers search and POP ads as its answer to publishers.

Stats news System:

LimeClick offers an honest stats news system that shows stats in time period. The stats news system shows date, searches, invalid searches, total clicks, valid clicks, CTR, bid and cash attained.

Minimum Payout:

LimeClick doesn’t have any low minimum payout which implies no matter you've got in your account are going to be paid to you.

Payment Frequency:

LimeClick pays its users on Net45, Net30, Net15 and Net1 terms.

Payment Options:

LimeClick offers PayPal and Bank Wire Transfer as its answer to publishers.

Referral Program:

LimeClick doesn’t supply any referral program to its users.


MediaConvers is AN  affiliate Network. It provides the simplest Pay Per Clik solutions for eachpublishers and advertisers. Our company is continually growing. Everyday we have a tendency 

to attract additional and additionalpartners every of that is extremely valued by our company. we have a tendency to forever search for new ways in which to assist you to form your business as profitable as it’s doable.

Our company provides best conditions for publishers. we've wide selection of advertisers for every sort of traffic. And we’ll do our greatestto seek out advertisers that suit to your traffic. it's AN secret that the foremost necessary parts for publishers square measure bids and coverage. you'll be ready to maximize exploit your traffic provided that these 2 parts square measure properly set for your sort of traffic. Our intelligent and ingenious system will reach this goal.  is a URL shortener that pays you for shortening and sharing your links on net. may be a Turkey primarily based URLagent and thus, the default web site language is Turkish. However, you'll translate the web site in ten completely different languages simply.

Their web site is developed well and provides a good user expertise. The payout rates offered by area unit tightthe most effective half concerning the rates is, the offered rates area unit smart for those countries that alternative URL shorteners area unitgiving low rates.

This URL agent doesn’t permit users to short their adult content links. So, it should frustrate you however there’s no have to be compelled to worry as we've got a good list of URL shorteners from that you'll choose the most effective one as per your needs.

The key advantages of connexion this URL agent are:

It offers a large vary of payment choices that embody Payza, Payoneer and WMZ.
Real time statistics.
Low minimum payout of solely 10$.
Net5 payment terms.
It offers a large vary of validation tools that embody fast Link, Mass Shrinker, Developers API, and page Script.
It offers solely family friendly advertisements.
A good V-J Day referral commission program to extend your earnings.
You can even run your own campaigns from an equivalent account. There’s no have to be compelled to produce specific accounts for publishers and advertisers.
Low advertising rates. Advertising rates starts from zero.25$/1000 views.

Sunday, 2 October 2016


Today , I bring to you the best  bitcoin  profit faucets   btc365   .It is a collection of  honest  faucet sites  which can earn you up to 0.005.BTC  per day .

Its really a special collection for digital currency fans. Also I will show you how to increase your profits from these sites.

How to use these sites :

All you have to do is :

1/ enter the following link
2/ click on start buttom  

3/ put your bitcoin address
4/ solve the captcha  to receive your profits

How to earn from these bitcoin sites ?

To increase your profits from these faucets collection . It is better to try all the faucets to the end  because each faucet gives you a special link to  send to your friends, which is a good referral comission program from which you can earn a lot of extra money .

Each faucet gives you between  20%  and 30 %  earnings for the life of the profits of any person you refer.

Payment methods :

Payment is made directly to  faucetbox .

Among the ways to profit from the Net  is URL shortened sites , because it is easier and don't need to be a website owner .Just shorten your link and share it in all the social networking and forum sites but the question remains what are the best shortcut sites ?

The last question, and most importantly, how much will be counted for 1000 viewers and how payment will be  proceeded .

For this I bring today this wonderful site recently entered on the scene  with Several good experience with him and many payment proofs.

How can you start making money in

To sign up on is just 3 steps:
 1: first create an account  under this link
2: enter your username , email , password and then click submit .
3: create a link and post it - for every visit, you earn money.

                                It's just that easy!

Payment method :

currently available Bitcoin. It is accessible to everyone. As soon it will add Paypal

Minumum withdraw:

About withdrawals only once access to $ 1.

Referral Commission :

The referral program is a great way to spread the word of this great service and to earn even more money with your short links. It gives you 20% earnings for life of the profits of any person you refer. Its high comparing with other famous URL shortener which offer  only 10 % .

Saturday, 1 October 2016


BTCBucks is a new Premium Ad Network  .It works on  CPM and  CPV model which helps you to monetize your website either through banner ads or promoting  PTP links. 

BTCBucks accepts worldwide publishers. It has higher earnings than anywhere else , and it provide an innovative interface, highest CPM , low payouts and live statistics for the users.

BTCBucks doesn’t accept adult content website. So the content of your website must comply with moral and ethical norms of society.All Publisher and Adverts websites are manually approved before they can be used .

How to be a publisher or Advertiser  :

Like  other ad networks, the sign up process on BTCBucks is quite simple.You can earn up to 0.003$ per unique visitor.

1. Visit this link
2. Now click on the subscribe button
3. Then enter your name , username, email address and password   and click submit.
4. Choose between Publisher or Advertiser
5. After approval , you can generate ad codes and place them on your website. You  need to  choose between banners and direct links  to start earning money .

Payment Methods :

BTCBucks pays its publishers weekly  with a minimum payout 2$ only .Payments are made on Fridays and Saturdays through Bitcoin ..

Referral Program:

BTCBucksoffers a 10% referral commission program to its use


 Through this platform  of advertising , AdsOptimal is one of  the best alternatives for  Adsense. Its profits are high   .AdsOptimal has many benefits for publishers  not only through  the  real increase in profits but also its credibility with the proof of payment and good reputation since the year 2012.

AdsOptimal is designed  for mobile sites, which many site owners do not pay attention to. Its ad load faster and  easier to read on various smart device screens.

How to be a publisher :

Like most of the other ad networks, the sign up process on adsoptimal is pretty quite simple.
Easy to be accepted as a the publisher, usually every person who participates will be accepted in 1-2 days even owners of a new website .

1. Visit this link first:
2. Now click on the subscribe button
3. Then enter your email address and password and the name  and click submit.
4. After that just  wait for 1-2 days. After approval , you  need to add code ads on your blog or website .

Once it is  approved, you will be given instructions on how to set up your account.  so you can generate ad codes and place them on your website It only takes you a few clicks. After that, you will receive up to $ 15 bonus and start making money.

Ad Formats:

AdsOptimal pay by performance of your traffic source. . Offers could be pay-per-impression, click or conversion. 

Payment Methods  :
AdsOptimal offers paypal and check as its payment method  to publishers.
Wire transfer with no fee is available for amount more than $5000 and 
 You can request a payout whenever you reach $50 minimum balance. You can request as frequent as you want. When your monthly earning is more than $1000, The webmaster contact you to make arrange a monthly scheduled payment.

Referral Program:

 AdsOptimal offers a 10% referral commission program to its users.